Saturday, November 10, 2007

Plea for Help for Holy Angels Hospice Orphanage

Please go to for some more photos of Father Tony's precious angels. I also have photos on this blog about Holy Angels Hospice Orphanage in Port au Prince, Haiti.

It is the orphanage that Johnny works for, so everytime I am in Haiti, I visit Holy Angels. Most of the children are terminally ill (or were terminally ill when they first arrived) or have Hydrocephalus (water on the brain - thus the children get brain damage since most of them came to the orphanage once it was too late to put a shunt in to drain the fluid in order to save the brain's normal development and function). Several of the children have Cerebral Palsy.

A couple of weeks ago, while Johnny was driving the orphanage car, flames started coming out from under the hood of the car. The entire engine part under the hood burned up! Luckily the fire did not spread to the rest of the car. How scary!

Father Tony has been trying to get the car fixed. The engine itself did not burn, but everything that has tubes, wires, etc. burned up and needs to be replaced. They can use parts from another car, a junked one that is the same make and model, to rebuild the burned car. However, the mechanic is using that car for somebody else's car and Father Tony has to wait to see what parts will be left over. The other option would be to purchase another car.

For now, Father Tony has to rely on others to give him rides with his kids to the doctors, hospital, to buy groceries, etc. Johnny has a car, but it is an "old clonker" (1991 Mazda Navajo) that breaks down every "five minutes".

In order to fix the car (if they can get the right parts from a non-operational car), it would cost around $1,500 - 2,000. To buy a "new" car would cost about $5,000. Father Tony has no money in his budget to cover either expense.

Please help! You can send a tax-deductible donation to:

Holy Angels Children Society
P.O. Box 2142
South Hampton, NJ 08088

Please put "CAR" in the memo portion on your check to designate your donation for the car.

You can also reach Father Tony directly by emailing him at:

Thank you for your help!